Mr. Johnson through the years has represented both tenants as well as landlords in both residential and commercial landlord tenant matters, with an emphasis on evictions.

He also has experience in both reviewing and drafting original leases and rental agreements for his clients. The documents may be custom-drafted to the specific requirements of the client.

Attorney, Jennifer Snyder, a former associate of Newark-Fremont Legal Center, now “Of Counsel,” on the other hand, has represented residential tenants, and having recently obtained a rare defense verdict following a Jury Trial.

We make every effort in keeping our clients informed throughout the entire process of an eviction proceeding from the initial 3 Day Notice to Pay or Quit or a 30 Day, a 60 Day or a 90 Day Notice to Vacate (depending upon the specific facts of the case) through the process of the Unlawful Detainer lawsuit (if the tenant remains in possession after the time specified in the Notice has expired).

Since each Landlord – Tenant matter has its own history of unique facts, we offer an initial low cost consultation for the purpose of ascertaining the most cost efficient means of resolving the client’s dispute with the other party.

We recognize that each matter has a chance of proceeding to trial, however, throughout the procedings, we will strive to achieve satisfaction of the client through a Stipulated Judgment thereby avoiding the costs of a trial and the uncertain results.