10 Reasons to choose us

1. Experienced and Qualified
We are trained to provide quality and practical legal advice.
2. Available when you need us
We are open 9AM to 5PM. Monday through Friday. Apointments can be arranged evenings, weekends, or at your home or office.
3. Resonable Fees
We offer reasonable charges by keeping our expenses down.
4. Promptly Return you phone call
If we cannot return a call in a day (which rareley happens) a staff member will tell you when it will be returned.
5. Keep you informed.
You will be promtly informed of all developments in your case.
6. Assist in conflict resolution
We discourage bringing conflicts to the courts because of the high legal fees and the loss of time. Our objective is to resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently by negotiation, mediation and conversation. If court proceedings are necessary, we assist you in retaining lawyers who specialize in litigation.
7. Punctual
If we have an appointment with you, we will be on time.
8. Detailed Billing
Our bills clearly detail our fees and costs.
9. Keep Promises
If we tell you we will perform a service. We will do so
10. The Truth
We promise to tell you the truth at all times
Contact us to set-up an appointment 510-794-5297